Video of the Day Feed tik… fiurerio/lcva%3A%3Abbdef0ec9d3bbe80e983a36de8607a7d The film shows the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) alleged revanchist claims for Klaipeda region. Pictures of Adolf Hitler journey to Klaipėda and rally of neo-Nazis.Railway and port of Klaipėda. Children in the beach roll the artillery shell. Headquarters of Lithuanian Division, building of post office, ruins of Klaipėda in 1945. Views of Klaipėda and people in 1965.Meeting of West Germany revenge-seeker in 1965. Soldiers of Bundeswehr are marching.A house in Nida. Old cemetery with Lithuanian inscriptions. Lithuanian newspapers “Birutė”, “Darželis” (1920), “Kibirkštis” (1921). Conference of Peace of Paris in 1919: Prime Minister of France George Clemenceau leaves a car.French army in Klaipėda and Giruliai in 1923.Speech of Adolf Hitler in Sportpalast.Meeting in Munich: Neville Chamberlain, Édouard Daladier and Benito Mussolini sign the treaty in 1938.Border sign is pulled down, vehicle of Wehrmacht rides into the Sudetes. German Army crosses Czechoslovakia’s border, enters Prague.A.Hitler stands in the balcony with Hermann Goering. President of Republic of Lithuania Antanas Smetona. Soldiers of Wehrmacht are marching in Klaipėda in 1939.Former MInister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania Juozas Urbšys talks in 1965 about the surrendering of Klaipėda to Nazi Germany. J.Urbšys in Berlin in 1939. Germanization of Klaipėda region. Signing of treaty in photo. Lithuanian frontier-guards leave the cordon. German road inscriptions. Military vehicles of Wehrmacht ride, sailors are marching, warship at sea. Adolf Hitler arrives in Klaipėda on 23th March, 1939. A.Hitler in Klaipėda: rides in the car, stands in the balcony. German soldiers from Klaipėda are marching. Lithuanian inscription is dyed out. Swastika over the building of Klaipėda theatre, crowd. Nazi flag is hung up in Šilutė. Lithuanian refugees from Klaipėda region (photo). Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1963 until 1966 Ludwig Wilhelm in the meeting. Military chronicle shows acts of war in Lithuania. Wehrmacht crosses Lithuanian border. Demolished bridge in Kaunas, demolished houses in Kalvarija and Jonava.Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 to 1963 Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer. A newspaper „Memeler Dampfboot“.Himmler in Klaipėda (photo). Concentration camp.German prisoners in Moscow. en Stinga tik… fiurerio tik… fiurerio/lcva%3A%3Abbdef0ec9d3bbe80e983a36de8607a7d
Year: 1965
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